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My third Dark Souls tribute image.



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Daft Punk - Digital Love

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Woke up like ten minutes ago, this is not good.

Donations for my friend's fight against cancer.


I would never actually ask this unless it was for something incredibly important, and well, this is incredibly important. My friend has been recently diagnosed with cancer, and her family is reaching out trying to get donations.

She’s 19 and in her first year of college, she can no longer work, and her and her family have to drive between 3 different cities constantly for treatments and appointments which in itself is overwhelmingly costly.

It would be appreciated greatly if you could lend a big ole’ hand and donate as much or as little as you want to her and her family in this time of need. The money raised from this and the benefit concert/auction will go towards helping with travel costs, prescriptions, and possibly wigs.

I am donating some of my paintings to the silent auction, and all proceeds I hopefully make from this will be given to the family immediately, and I know for a fact they would appreciate it immensely.